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Axel (Corps Security, #1)

Axel (Corps Security, #1) - Harper Sloan I devoured this book!! I freaking ate it up, in what may be record time. No joke! I loved it all.

Axel is a dream! Pure ALPHA hotness and so freaking sweet!!! Izzy! A heroine I didnt want to throttle!!! Yes please!!!
This is a second chance romance of the best kind. Separated at the end of high school and no contact for a decade. Both were broken hearted and misunderstood by the other and both had to go through terrible things that would lead them on the path back to one another. READ THIS BOOK!!!!!! The supporting characters are amazing as well and this is the start of series!!!! All the hottie are gettin a story!!!! YES YES YES!!!!! Bravo Harper Sloan on a fabulous debut!!! I am fan girling and girl crushing like loon!! I loved it all and I cant wait to see where you take us next.......

not so patiently waiting....

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