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Holding On (Lights of Peril, #1)

Holding On (Lights of Peril, #1) - A.C. Bextor Ok first off READ THIS BOOK. I have been on a biker/alpha male kick lately and was so excited to come across this book! I hesitated to start reading it because of reviews that mentioned a cliffhanger and poor editing that left grammar errors etc. So before I go into how much I liked this story let me say.....THE GRAMMAR ERRORS ARE THERE BUT ARE NOT IN ANY WAY TERRIBLE. I noticed them, yes, but it didn't take away from my reading experience. The author is indie! I say cut her some slack. Second the book is NOT a cliffhanger. It is not a HEA or HFN. You know what to look for in the next book. Its not leaving you hanging with anything other than wanting to know more. I would say it leaves you at the best possible place, considering the events.
I love these characters. All of them. Mace is funny and sassy and can dish it out. Shame, OMG sex on a stick and totally alpha, but he has a heart a BIG one. Sadey!! I cannot wait to find out where the next book takes her!!! Then there is Hem.. Sweet sweet Hem. He is complex and deep and sexy. He is arrogant and self deprecating at the same time. I LOVED him!!!
This book does have some violence. If you read the synopsis you will know. I wouldn't say its quite as graphic or violent as other MC books such as Madeline Sheehan or Crystal Spears, but it is not as "clean" as Kristen Ashley's Motorcycle Man. This story takes place or a good length of time. It is not fast paced. It is not rushed. I am so excited because there is still so much that can happen in the next book even with the big questions being answered in this one. Bravo AC Bextor!!!! I loved it! I laughed, cried, clutched my kindle for dear life, and then wanted to hurl it against a wall. All of that means it was a great book....I give it 4.5 stars