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Henry (The Beck Brothers #1) - Andria Large 3.5-4 stars

This one took me by surprise. When I started reading I was thinking it was going to be the same old rich guy-meets-every-day-girl type story. I was wrong. I admit it. One main difference is there isn't that often ridiculous, insta-love that I am reading of more and more. Yes, Henry and Claire have an instant attraction, but the story doesn't just jump into it. Henry and Claire are both resistant to the obvious pull they have to one another. Things develop over time so their professional relationship begins to mingle with a personal one.

This story has a lot of whit. The characters are very real and you will love them. The Beck brothers make an appearance throughout and their relationship is very sweet and very funny. I really enjoyed this book!!! It has humor, realistic situations and great characters. Whats not to love???

Its a complete story so no cliffy!!! It also sets us up for the story of Sebastian. We get a good look into his background as we learn more and more about Henry and Claire.