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Dangerous to Know & Love - Jane Harvey-Berrick Hmmmmmmm where to begin??? Im debating 3.75-4 stars

I liked this book. I really did. It did start off fairly slow for me and I had to tell myself to try to look past Lis and her judgmental attitude. "Snotty Bitch" yeah that's what I thought of her. lol

Lisanne is starting her first year at college as a music major. At her parents urging she takes a business course so she has a back up plan. Lis is sheltered. She knows almost nothing about the opposite sex and how to interact with them beyond small talk. Shes annoying to say the least. She end up struggling in her business course and gets paired up with Daniel. She judges him before even speaking to him. Convinced he's and jerk and overly cocky. She really has no clue.

Daniel is complicated. Yes he is standoffish. Yes he is angry. He's popular but doesn't have many real friends. He has a secret. A big one. After learning why he acts the way he does, my heart breaks for him. I had tears in my eyes. I felt his pain and loneliness. I understood why he was acting the way he did. He had more than one reason to be angry. In a very short amount of time his whole world changed in more ways than anyone can imagine. He didn't let it stop him. He kept pushing despite everything in his world knocking him down I loved him for it. I realize I'm being vague but i don't want to give to much away with this story. I think you will get more out of it if you let it develop without knowing too much going in to it.

This story really makes you think. It makes you think about yourself and how you may use snap judgement to sum up someone you dont really know anything about. If someone comes off as rude and you make the decision to believe they are just that type a person, it says more about you than them. Maybe they have a reason for how they are responding. A good one, based out of loneliness or fear. This book really makes you think about that.

This book will drive you crazy! Its very angsty and Lis is the worst communicator. She naive and frankly a bit of a snob. Shes insecure and really got away with more than I think she should have. This is not your typical story of a young small town girl heading off to college. Daniel has a sad very situation. My heart broke for him so many times.

All in all, read this book. In the end it was worth it. I did wish the ending would have wrapped it up in more detail. I felt it was a bit rushed. But even so it ends in a way that makes your heart smile. Its a HFN.