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Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley I cannot express my love for Kristen Ashley! She somehow manages to write a story that is slightly far fetched, but at the same time she always makes the characters real. You feel you know them and you LOVE LOVE LOVE them, every single time!! This held true when I read this book.

First we have Lauren. A newly divorced, middle aged lady, searching for "nothing special". She divorced her cheating husband and went on a search for a place to start over. During her marriage she lost herself and without even realizing it, she starts to find her way back. Her journey leads her straight to Tate Jackson.

Tate is a bounty hunter. A bad ass biker, former NFL player. Hes adorable and sexy as hell. Hes got a past and boy does it rear its ugly head throughout this story. Hes a little lost, a little jaded and definitely been burned by the women in his life. So when he meets Lauren, hes apprehensive to say the least.

I love this series and everything about it. If you are new to Kristen Ashley, start reading her books now!!!! Right now!!!! You will not be disappointed.